Humans are the default race in this world. Coming in all shapes and sizes, colours, sexes, they are the most diverse of all the races, and that is emphasised in their ability to pretty much excel at whatever they try to do. The human race is relatively new compared to the other races, however in the short time that they have been around, their population has exploded, covering nearly every continent on the planet. Most other races view them as impulsive, often violent primates. This doesn’t stop them from also being one of the most influential races on the planet, with their ability to adapt making them useful for a range of purposes, whether it trade, war, or slave labour, humans will be there.

They are known to build kingdoms, societies, etc, live to around 60-70 before dying from old age, and are generally accepting of others, although as with any race dealing with anything different from the norm, may act out in confusion and disgust. Along with the more populous of the races, view minority groups with degrees of trust, although really only get on extremely well with half-elves.

Humans are emotionally driven and passionate/impulsive, they are fond of poetry and the arts, and because of their limited lifespans compared to some of the longer lived, some choose to make permanent changes to their environment to show that they have lived by leaving their mark in life.

If you can imagine a human in real life, you can imagine a human in this world. They are the stock human.


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