Halflings are short people. Like, half the height of a Human. They share most of the same physical features as Humans, with their complexion usually tan to dark, and dirty blonde and darker hair colours. Both males and females sport sideburns, with males having slightly longer ones. Beards are a rare sight among Halflings though. They age at the same rate as Humans, with adulthood at 20, and living to roughly 150 years of age. They tend to live close to Human settlements, in their own houses built near rivers, and depend on the rulers of their adopted Human neighbours for protection. They live for the simple life, with rustic clothing, food, and attitude to life, spending days eating and fishing, with little care for ludicrous displays of wealth, preferring to hoard their wealth in secreted locations, against a day where it may be needed.

Halflings are known to be easy to know and even easier to like, with an infectious laugh and a generally cheerful disposition, happy to share with their friends, of which they have many that they are remarkably loyal to. Due to this large amount of sociability, Halflings are sometimes bestowed with nicknames as well as their first and last names, with the nickname sometimes representing situations the Halfling got themselves into, such as feats of bravery or foolishness. They work well with the Human communities they live near, working, drinking, and laughing, as well as sharing their bad times, with Halflings being incredibly empathic towards others, hating to see suffering. As such, they rarely adventure from the thrill of it, and generally only go out for opportunity or necessity rather than for an adventuring career. All Halflings are naturally swift due to their small size, able to avoid obstacles in ways other races simply cannot. As well as this, Halflings are also brave for their size, easily the equal of their taller companions, and many swear by a Halflings ability to have supernatural luck regardless of the situation they get placed into.

The race of Halfling was separated into two sub races many years ago, and while they act as though they were merely two separate families when they meet up, they are in fact two very distinct groups that have differing cultures, languages and attributes.

Lightfoot Halfling:

Lightfoot Halflings are more likely to be found in and around Human settlements, acting out the traditional Halfling lifestyle of fishing and farming, are slightly taller than the Heavyfoot Halflings, and have an easier time slipping through the large crowds of cities and hiding behind all sorts of obstacles. Due to their close proximity to other races, they are also much more charismatic and are more likely to join up with adventurers to go on grand adventures.

Heavyfoot Halfling:

Heavyfoot Halflings are more wild, found out in the wilds and sometimes even in the lower foothills of mountains, living similarly to Dwarves. This similarity doesn’t stop here, with a natural hardiness to them, sharing Dwarves natural resistance to poisons, their tendency to wear their hair in beards, and taking up mining for a profession have given them a reputation as ‘Little Dwarves’. They are proud and a little distrusting of strangers, but once they have made friends, they are even more ferocious than their Lightfoot cousins when defending their companions.


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