As an opposite to the diplomatic Half-Elf, the Half-Orc is anything but diplomatic. Broader and taller than an average Human, Half-Orcs have a pale grey colouration to their skin, darker hair colours, eyes that range from black, brown, red, and yellow, and lower canines that jut out of the mouth. It’s pretty hard to conceal any of those features when out and about. They have an innate ability to intimidate, and to back it up are strong and hardy to boot. They mature at 14 years of age, far earlier than many other races, and on average live to around 40, with very few living to an old age of 75. Half-Orcs usually have names appropriate for the culture in which they are raised, however many Half-Orcs in Human cities may choose Orc names to make themselves more intimidating.

Naturally, Half-Orcs are seen as brutish, angry, rash, stupid and dangerous. Many are forced to live on the far outskirts of villages, or within slums. Some Half-Orcs choose to leave Human settlements where they are often abandoned and instead search out the other half of their kin, the Orcs, to try to prove their worth as a warrior. Their Human ancestry thankfully gives them an advantage with just the right amount of cunning to match a full-blood’s brute strength. Half-Orcs that live in Orc clans are often scarred, either ceremoniously, or through battle and shame, and it is an odd sight to see a Half-Orc unmarked. In contrast to this, some Half-Orcs try to break the mould by not being what people expect, and thus there are many cheerful Half-Orc priests, and witty Half-Orc scholars who debate in intelligent circles, which makes up for the Half-Orcs which certainly can and do turn to evil deeds. While they favour fighting, Half-Orcs are found in many different walks of life across the lands that accept them, although sometimes grudgingly.


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