Genasi are half human, half elemental. Of the same height as a human, they display their elemental heritage prominently, from the colour of their skin representing their aligned element, through to how they interact in day to day life, with each element subtly influencing their emotional state. They are isolationists, with Genasi of similar elements tending to stick together, although they are not overly suspect of different elemental manifestations, with some Genasi able to manifest more than one element. However, Genasi rarely seek out people who are not their own, as other races are often suspect of the origins of their innate magical connection, with the exception of a rare Genasi or two who wish to explore the greater world.

Stemming from their human ancestry, Genasi reach maturity at the same time as humans, yet due to the elemental magic running through their veins, Genasi can live up to an older age of 120 years. No one is certain where exactly Genasi came from, though their is speculation that there was a surge of magical energy in the past which infused certain beings with energy from the differing elemental planes. A Genasi who has children with a human, though rare, will only sometimes produce Genasi offspring, though which element their child is aligned to tends to follow an environmental pattern, rather than a heritage based one. Some Genasi disguise themselves, wearing make up and disguises to fit into human society, only to be found out due to blossoming relationships with others, or at the birth of one of their children. Because of this potential for skipped generations, it is also possible for two ‘full-blooded’ humans to end up with Genasi children.

Because a Genasi can find themselves born into either a Genasi or a human settlement, their naming conventions may differ a fair amount. Genasi from their own settlements usually adopt the names of the cultures that surround them, which can result in a Fire Genasi named Carl. On the other hand, Genasi who have grown up in or move to a human or other race based settlement will more than likely adopt a name that reflects their elemental nature. An Earth Genasi born in a human settlement with red crystals on their body may call themselves Ruby.

Across the land, there are four major elements that can be manifested by Genasi. While they are not technically different races as any Genasi can learn to express different elements with time, they are considered by outsiders as sub-races of the Genasi race.

Air Genasi

Air Genasi are recognised by their light blue skin, blue to white hair which is constantly moving even if no wind can be felt, and pale blue to white eyes. Often there is a faint breeze about them, and their skin and eyes may show faint patterning that resembles the clouds in the sky overhead. Likewise, their disposition is known to be as fickle as the wind. They can be calm and soft spoken one second, but draw one to anger, and they can be as fierce as a lightning bolt, with a voice that booms with thunder, though any emotions for an Air Genasi don’t tend to last too long. Impulsive and quick, Air Genasi are marked as one of the more likely sub-races to interact with an enjoy human company, along with their abilities to hold their breath indefinitely and levitate on command makes them excellent friends and companions to Aarakocra who inhabit the skies with them.

Air Genasi settlements are found wherever they have easy access to open sky. Ranging from mountaintops to floating islands to even the elemental plane of air, these Genasi love freedom above all else.

Earth Genasi

Earth Genasi are extremely varied in how they look, even among themselves. Generally darker in skin tone, hair and eye colour, they can range from light browns of clay to deep blacks of onyx. Some individuals have skin like precious gems, shining every colour of the rainbow, or iron eyes with dots of rust flecking them, and rarely one will have skin with fissures leading to a soft glow from deep within their bodies. Often they will be covered in dust or dirt, and for some individuals, the dirt stays with them for life. When they speak, a gravelly sound comes from deep within them, and when they yell, the very ground they stand on trembles like under seismic activity. They are more withdrawn than the other sub-races, enjoying their solitude away from the world, and are slow to anger and slow to calm down. Attuned to the earth around them, they are able to move aside rock with ease, as well as being able to pass through difficult rocky terrain unhindered, and to pass undetected from watching eyes. Due to how well they know earth, if they do find friends outside their race, it is more often than not with Dwarves, whom they can chance upon as they move through caves.

Earth Genasi settlements are few and far between, but when they do gather it is usually somewhere under the ground, in cave systems, or the elemental plane of earth, allowing them their privacy and seclusion.

Fire Genasi

Fire Genasi are extremely distinctive. Their bodies are always warm to hot to the touch, with their element expressed through skin tones ranging from flaming red, coal black, or even ash grey. They have red to gold coloured eyes, and have hair ranging from red heads to literal flames flickering on their scalp. As they speak, crackling flames can be heard, which can increase to a roaring bonfire when they become agitated. Often a scent of brimstone follows them around. They can be vain and cocky, and quick to anger, which can often get them in trouble. However they can also be extremely heroic and clever, due to their impulsive quick thinking. They can see in the dark, though unlike the white and black darkvision of other races, everything is in shades of red. They are also naturally resistant to fire, and competent at producing it, making them often firm friends with brash Tieflings who share these traits.

Fire Genasi settlements are perhaps the most inconsistent. Aside from living in or near the elemental plane of fire, they live a nomadic lifestyle, moving around plains where brush fires are common, or living in a recently cleared forest due to a forest fire. They may also be found pocketed around the deserts of Khaadi.

Water Genasi

Water Genasi always wet. Whether it’s beads of moisture running down their skin and in their hair like they’ve just finished bathing, or slick as though they are still underwater, they carry a smell of fresh rain and clean water about them. Their skin ranges in tone from blue to green, and have large eyes that are blue to black in colour. Their hair may hang damp against their head, sometimes resembling seaweed, or it may constantly be flowing around their head, as though still swimming. Their voices have the undercurrent of a trickling stream, which can reach a crescendo of a sea storm when angered. As with the Earth Genasi, Water Genasi are also fans of solitude, preferring the open ocean, or a lake, knowing that there is wisdom to be gained by living alone. However some will also make their way onto seafaring vessels and work alongside a crew of sailors when they are feeling sociable. They are resistant to acid due to the nature of their skin, are able to breath underwater and swim with no effort, and have been known to create, control and destroy water as it suits them.

Water Genasi settlements are found anywhere there is water, though it is difficult to find them. From deep under the ocean to the bottom of a lake, and in the elemental plane of water, Water Genasi are able to live alongside humankind for their entire lives with neither race seeing the other.


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