The Unification Wars

Log 2: Darth After Dark

Never Has a Town Been Plagued by Such Fuckery

  • The group crash a council meeting! Fear not, the councillors were deliberating trivial affairs: by-laws, fiscal responsibility and the liquidation of urban slums. Glad we came on a quiet day.
  • Meet Buckingham: Hunter of magic, enemy of due process and noble shitstain. She demands an explanation for our presence. Meri utters untruths. Kairon is dismissed. I love justice!

The Gang Gets Their Shit Together

  • Using a spy network fuelled by child labour, Harlow discovers the severity and extent of class conflict in Darth. Nobles and slum dwellers are at each other’s throats and tensions are boiling over.
  • Whilst gathering information on Darth’s implosion, I remember the armed bandits seen amassing in the forest. In retrospect, this was vital information. But, consider this: Ralph.
  • Helia summersaults into Darth’s bank and is greeted by the visage of white-collar crime – Cornelius Belleville! Snatching evidence out from under him, Helia escapes into the night.
  • Meri engages Lucretia Blythe and informs her of looming attacks on her estate. He does so with the elegance and poise of a dragonborn skewered on her fence.
  • Noting the disposition and complexion of local townsfolk, Typ hides from thirsty onlookers. Serving as the group’s intermediary, it takes him thirty seconds to forget our locations.


  • Harlow and I inspect a local crime scene, saturated with magic. After an initial investigation, I distract the guards (feat. vomiting) and allow Harlow to get a closer look (feat. grand larceny). Naturally, this results in my incarceration. I love justice!
  • Our comrades venture into the woods in search of bandits. Who knows where they will end up. Are they gathering surveillance? Taking a stab at infiltration? At any rate, I hope someone has a lock pick.


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