The Continent of Vadoskar:



Vadoskar is a continent found in the north east in the world of Achillon.


People of Vadoskar refer to themselves as Vadosians.


Vadoskar is a wild and low populated continent, dotted with foreign settlements and domestic orc camps. The land is fertile along waterways and coastlines, with plenty of land that is arable. The mid western end of the continent has a large mountain range that runs south east along the entire length of the continent, eventually ending in a series of island chains at the far southern edge which joins with the islands in the The Fullheim Archipelago.

This range separates what can be considered the ‘cultured’ southern and western regions of the continent from the rugged frontierland of the north east, where Orc tribes rule their territory.

Within the mountain range lies a few volcanoes, including a super-volcano in the south east, known as Ifritt’s Mouth locally, and Mount Korso by Tethe’allan cartographers.


Vadoskar is separated into 12 distinct countries or city-states to the south and west:
-Triet Cliox

And two native territories to the north and east, belonging to the native peoples of the Goliath and the Orcs:

Political System:

The political system in Vadoskar varies a little from county to country, however generally this only affects what titles the leaders call themselves, with most of the countries behaving like feudal monarchies, confederacies, or satrapies. The territories have either tribal patriarchies in the orc camps, and theocracies or gerontocracies in the villages dotted throughout the wild north lands.

Prominent Races:



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