Teth-Dragothi Gods of the Eight

Teth-Dragothi Gods of the Eight:


Followers believe that these eight gods created all that inhabits the world, with Atesh being the Father to All, having created the goddesses Tal and Soko, with whom he bore the gods Levenne and Zehlor, and the Goddess Tialoc. He also created the god Calcius, who had a secret affair with Tal to create the goddess Sif without Atesh’s permission.

Due to this affair, Atesh began a war with Calcius, known as ‘The Scorchdays’ and hunts every day for Sif, killing her as the sun comes up in the morning, burning off the fog and mists, only for her to return at night when Atesh slumbers. Some eccentric followers believe that if you look outside on a stormy night, you can see Calcius dancing on the wind with Tal.

Followers predict an end times, although this revelations will not come for thousands of years, and will end with Tialoc killing her father, Atesh, in an attempt to save her lover, Sif.

Prayer is held whenever one feels the need to pray, though there are formal days of prayer and feast days throughout the year for each god and goddess.


-Atesh: God of Fire, Light, and Creation.
-Tal: Goddess of Water, Knowledge, and Magic.
-Soko: Goddess of Earth, Wealth, and Nature.
-Calcius: God of Wind, Luck, and Tempest.
-Sif: Goddess of Mists, Secrets, and Trickery.
-Levenne: God of Life, Pain, and Love.
-Tialoc: Goddess of Death, Art and Love.
-Zehlor: God of War, Conquest, and Nobility.

Teth-Dragothi Gods of the Eight

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