Path of Two Souls

Path of Two Souls:


Followers believe in the cosmic energy in the universe having a place and a role to play in the world. It is intrinsically linked to the planet in the same way that magic is. Harnessing that energy, believers in the Path of Two Souls can harness that energy if they are blessed by being a conduit for their gods.

They believe that there are two opposing energies in the world. One light, one dark. Order, chaos. Pure, impure. There is debate over whether one is inherently wrong, or whether like two sides of a coin, one needs the other to exist. There are followers who believe only in the energy of The Order. They wish to bring structure to the world, no matter the cost. Then there are those followers who follow the energy of The Chaos, who feel as though it is the world’s way of cleansing itself.

Those who straddle the line between chaos and order may find inner peace, though there will be always someone from one side or the other who will make sure they will never find bodily peace.

Followers of the Path of Two Souls pray every morning at the break of day as the sun rises, and again as the sun sets, facing towards the sun. In this way, even if you only believe in the holy power of one of the Two Souls, you respect the raw power both sides can bring down.


-The Order: Represents all that is pure. Light, Knowledge, Life, and Nature are it’s domains.

-The Chaos: Represents all that is impure. Death, War, Trickery, and Tempest are it’s domains.

Path of Two Souls

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