Magic in Vadoskar

The Magic in Vadoskar:

Ever since the impact with the meteorite 100 years ago, magic has been getting a little twisted. This has had a multitude of effects across all of Achillon, however, no two continents have had the same symptoms.

People in Vadoskar have been reporting a coughing sickness which only happens after either practicing magic or being in the presence of one practicing magic. This coughing sickness has only ever been fatal, with not a single case of a recovery. It is believed that the magic that magic practitioners are tapping into has been poisoned, and that by drawing from the magic energy around them, these individuals are pulling poison out of the aether and into people’s bodies.

As a result, magic use in Vadoskar and Achillon at large is at an all time low, with magic users either being shunned, aggressively attacked, or hidden away.

Magic in Vadoskar

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