The Continent of Khaadi:



Khaadi is a continent found in the north west in the world of Achillon.


People of Khaadi refer to themselves as Khaadites.


Khaadi is mainly a desert continent, with mountain ranges surrounding most of the outer edge of the continent, stopping rainfall from reaching most of the inner landmass. There are small tropical rainforests along Khaadi’s eastern, southern and western shores, dotted with small villages. At the north end of the continent the mountain ranges begin to slope downwards, leading to a more temperate forest area, with Elven cities hidden among the trees and a mountain pass leading south into the desert centre of the continent.

The desert wastes spread broadly across Khaadi, with oasis based civilisation leading to remote kingdoms ruled by an overarching magocracy which connects these kingdoms under one Archmage who lives in the central region of the desert. Away from the dedicated water supplies, nomad groups roam, following either game or water wherever it pops up. These bands of nomads have pacts of non-aggression between them, though some break these bonds and even raid established cities, acting like bandits, which are also common on city outskirts. Other clans have been known to ‘go savage’, resorting to cannibalism, and acting out against anyone who approaches them, in the same way an animal with rabies goes mindless.

Spread throughout the desert are several ruins that point towards the land being much more inhabited in days gone by, though how long ago no scholar can accurately measure. Many adventuring parties have entered these ruins and never returned.

There are small mountain passes that line the eastern and southern ranges, and it is here that many of the port cities are located, hubs of activity for individuals looking to make their way into and out of the desert, as well as travelling to and from the continent at large.

Aarakocra make the mountains on Khaadi their home, and are found on no other continent unless the bird-folk are travelling. All nesting takes place within their rookeries, and migration events in the month of Sifen for breeding season sees the skies filled with giant wingspans. Khaadi is also the only location known to host the creatures known as the Thri-kreen, who keep to their own nests, and are rarely seen in civilised towns.


There are six kingdoms in the desert, and one kingdom on the east coast of the continent ruled by the Archmage of Khaadi:
-Central Kingdom
-East Kingdom
-South Kingdom
-West Kingdom
-North Kingdom
-Lost Kingdom
-Coast Kingdom

There is also the independent Elven forest to the far north:
-Casthas Forest

The coasts along the edge of the continent are also regions:
-Eastern Coast
-Southern Coast
-Western Coast

Political System:

The political system in Khaadi is a strict magocracy, with each kingdom being ruled by a Mage-King, who in turn reports to the Archmage. Each city, town, and village has an elected leader, who amasses the taxes that gets collected by the Archmage’s tax collectors, known as The Hands of the Archmage, which are then redistributed throughout the continent based on need. The Archmage makes all decisions for the kingdoms under their control, with more limited control for the Mage-Kings, and even less for the elected leaders.

The nomadic groups of the desert follow their own codes, though many are gerontocracies, with elders leading their clans in the ways of their people.

The Elves to the north are people’s unto themselves, and rule themselves in a communistic manner, living as one complete unit, with each individual having a role to play.

Finally, the rainforest villages are considered fairly tribal, with few outsiders visiting them.

Prominent Races:


-It is also the only known location to contain any rookeries of Aarakocra.


Royal Khaadi Shammars are the Primary Currency of Khaadi, although currencies from other lands may suffice in large enough cities.


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