Currency in Vadoskar

Currency in Vadoskar:

Accepted Tender:

-Platinum, Gold, Electrum, Silver, Copper Coins:
Because Vadoskar has access to large amounts of base metals, coins made from these metals form a rough currency, where 1 Platinum Piece (pp) is worth 10 Gold Pieces (gp), 20 Electrum Pieces (ep), 100 Silver Pieces (sp), or 1,000 Copper Pieces (cp). Because of the ease of this simplistic currency, no one in Vadoskar would deny anyone with enough rare metals for bedding and food.

-Currency from outside of Vadoskar:
Other currencies brought in from foreign continents will generally only hold sway in the country or city-state that was founded by those from said continents. i.e.: Tedesko will take Royal Khaadi Shammars, a currency that is based in Khaadi.

-Gems, Jewellery, and other found treasures:
Same as the local currency of Vadoskar, except may not be accepted as payment in some locations due to not being actual money, however most of the time they can be exchanged at money lenders for base currency.

Currency in Vadoskar

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