Achillon Time

Achillon Time:


I promise, no crazy business. Time here is in 24 hour time.

What Year is it?

After the meteorite crashed into Achillon, the date was marked by a massive event. Hence every year after that event is known as AE (after event) and every year before that as BE (before event). As the meteor hit 112 years ago, the year is 112AE.


The Calendar on Achillon is universal amongst most civilised races and societies living on the planet in the current age.

-5 days a week (Firstday through to Fifthday).
-4 weeks a cycle/month.
-10 months a year.
-200 days to a year.

The Achillon Calendar:

Cycle Name Noted Occurences Season
Onus Start of year Spring
Shuk Crops can begin being harvested
Suntide Days become noticeably longer
Ateshi Named for Atesh, God of Fire Summer
Sunhigh Has the longest day
Leafdown Leaves begin falling Autumn
Sifen Named for Sif, Goddess of Mists
Moontide Days become noticeably shorter
Null Nothing can be done due to snow Winter
Moonhigh Has the shortest day

Achillon Time

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