The Unification Wars

Log 1: Darth

The bustling seaside town of Darth is filled with suffering. Tension thrums in the air. The poor line the streets while those better off line their pockets with gold, blind to the divide. This is no different to the cities along the road to the Khaadi coast.

Here, too, magic is volatile. A cursory probe leaves me restless. Sickness and death brought on by magic use. Mages run out of town. The only sure sign of magic is the crooked tower looming on the outskirts. Town folk either turn away or detail with nervousness stories of the sole occupant: a large metallic beast known for eating children. Is this the infamous Seth Greyson?

I am not the only one interested in the tower or its owner. This is the company I find myself in now, brought together by the tower’s giant metal inhabitant (not Seth Greyson, but some sort of servant? Creation?). The group is an odd, potentially dangerous combination. A timid magical boy, a prickly tattooed elf, an impulsive dragonborn and a muddy self-serving tiefling? I struggle to keep up, scrambling to cover tracks and pull lies to try and foster some sense of trust while keeping us out of trouble. I find myself missing home and family.

The creature called us “heroes” and our only way forward, the only foreseeable way to find this Seth Greyson, is to restore balance to this town. Our goal is mutual, so the logical solution is to work together.

This is easier said than done. The tiefling storms off, so the dragonborn’s solution? Abduction. The tiefling responds in kind, leading the guard directly to our hideout with accusations of kidnapping. I am new to this continent and I find my stories failing to convince them otherwise. We were lucky to hide the map—one of our sole leads—before were led away in chains.

How are we meant to help the people of this town while locked away? I would very much like an answer, particularly from this tiefling. Perhaps I can talk some sense into him. Hopefully this council will allow us the opportunity.

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