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The continent of Vadoskar has always been a wild land, with gold, gems, and treasure untold to exploit. Far to the north of more civilised lands, the untamed plains, forests, mountain ranges and native Orc populations have kept domestication at bay, as entrepreneurs from around the globe scurry to send envoys with enough resources to secure the land. These envoys began dotting the south coast with pocketed baronies and kingdoms, working in relative peace, gathering all they could grab to send home to their served empires and patrons.

100 years ago, a calamity occurred that saw an end to this way of life. A rogue meteorite, sailing along through space, made contact with the heavy mountain range running through the centre of Vadoskar. While there appears to be no lasting damage aside from those unlucky few closer to the crash, the impact from this collision has unearthed reserves of untapped riches. Rivers running with gold, rubies hanging long like stalactites, sapphires in piles higher than houses, magical artifacts of long forgotten heroes. Best of all, the path through the mountain range to these sites opened by the obliterating force of the meteorite impact.

Magic has begun acting strange ever since the impact. Beginning first in Vadoskar, and slowly seeping out towards all other inhabited lands, the resulting panic is felt across the globe. Wizards ostracized, witches burned, tomes buried. Only magical items created before the impact are trusted, and are highly prized.

Some of the coastal settlements remained loyal to their benefactors in the wake of the impact. Some act loyal. Some don’t. With enough wealth to hire armies, build cities of gold, and be able to make or break entire dynasties, the entire region has become unstable. A few of the countries and city states have banded together to form a confederacy. A few more have cut off all communication outside of their borders. Others prepare for war.

It is a time of fear, distrust, and conspiracy. It is a time for unification.

The Unification Wars

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